December Travel to Capri

This winter season, travel to Capri for crisp Christmas air. This time of the year, the green Neapolitan island becomes illuminated with colour as light and effects fill the streets.

To celebrate Christmas 2017, an innovative light project, using numerous LED lights, has been installed in the square of Capri to produce this unique display. Lights are fitted throughout the centre of Capri, with a 16-metres-tall Christmas tree to complement the display. As artificial snow falls from the sky, a captivating scene is created for visitors of all ages. This time of year, Capri becomes a winter wonderland. In December this Italian Island truly is a place that offers so much more.


The Island of Capri

beautiful Italy coast of Capri

To provide a little history, the island of Capri was once part of the Sorrento Peninsula. Back in the day, the land connecting Capri to the mainland was the primary connection to Sorrento. These days, this section of land has become partly submerged by the sea and is known as the Strait of Bocca Piccola.

The island itself is comprised of a mesmerising landscape, with jagged coastlines, mysterious caves and steep cliffs. The most famous of these locations is undoubtedly the Blue Grotto. This stunning natural feature exudes a beauty that continues to be described by prolific writers and poets.

If you’d like to experience the island this Christmas, one must-see location is the famous Faraglioni: three small rock islets a short distance from the shore. These protruding formations create a distinct landscape effect that stands remembrance of the time Capri was once part of the Sorrento Peninsula.


Characteristics of Capri

Island of Capri is ideal in December

Don’t let the December air prevent you from exploring this island because Capri is dense with incredible things to discover. The island has distinct natural features that make it a must-visit destination any time of the year.

Heading further inland, Capri is home to a variety of animal and plant life, many of which are unique to this area. For example, there are the blue lizards that live upon the Faraglioni. As for the vegetation, you can expect to find a variety of Mediterranean plant life across the island. From agaves and shrubs to prickly pears, brooms and more.

If this exotic island sounds like somewhere you’d enjoy visiting this time of the year, be sure to include these key locations in your itinerary. As the three main population centres of the island, you’ll definitely want to spend some time at these locations:

  • Anacapri
  • Marina Grande
  • Marina Piccola.

If the allure of Christmas festivities captures your imagination, Capri is a magical island to explore this December. Whatever time of year you decide to travel, Capri is filled with exciting things to see and activities to do.


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