Capri’s Plans for a New Subway Divides Locals

A new project aims to build a subway connecting Marina Grande and the centre of Anacapri. But with the cost estimated to be more than €100 million, locals are divided.

capri-view.jpgThe island of Capri on Italy’s south coast is regarded as the Pearl of the Mediterranean and is known for its untouched landscapes, magical sea caves and enchanting coastal vistas.

If you have visited Capri as part of an Amalfi Coast package holiday, then you may have taken the funicular or a taxi from the main port of Marina Grande to the centre of the island’s main town of Anacapri. Recently, a new project has looked at the prospect of constructing an underground subway connecting the port and town centre to alleviate traffic and congestion on the island.

The futuristic public transport project was presented on 28th February 2018, compiled by Sintagma – an Italian company specialising in planning and consulting within the transportation industry. As a part of their report, Sintagma found:

  • The subway would stretch 3 km from Marina Grande to the centre of Anacapri (at the foot of Mount Solaro)
  • Excavation for the tunnel would have to be done with extreme care to avoid disrupting the island’s fragile landscape (Sintagma estimated that this part of the project would take more than 2 years)
  • Following the excavations, construction of the infrastructure and safety testing would take nearly 2.5 years
  • The estimated cost would be €101 million

With such disruption on the horizon, not to mention the cost, locals have been voicing their concerns. In particular, Rocco Barocco, a fashion designer native to the island of Capri, called the project “a mess”. Many locals echo is mind-set, and are concerned that their quality of life and the beauty of the island are being put aside for the benefit of the tourist industry.

capri-view2.jpgAlthough tourism is essential to Capri’s economy, many locals are concerned about the effects of mass tourism, especially its impact of Capri’s Marine Protected Area. Speaking on this, Riccardo Esposito, a local shop owner, said "Anacapri’s very delicate balance risks shattering with the indiscriminate and continuous arrival of tourists...the subway may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and it’s already staggering.”

However, speaking in defence of the project, the mayor of Anacapri, Franco Cerrotta, said "Our underground project will not impact on the environment and the landscape, but will produce a significant reduction in traffic between Capri and Anacapri, with less pollution.”

Giovanni De Martino, the mayor of Capri, concurs, saying "The idea of ​​the subway between Capri and Anacapri comes from the shared desire to improve the conditions of the island, especially in high season, and is not at all an incentive for mass tourism. We do not think about expanding the number of visitors, but allowing them to enjoy Capri’s beauty under the best possible conditions.”

The councils of Capri and Anacapri are currently deliberating the findings of the study and an announcement is likely to be made soon on the feasibility of the subway.


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