Amalfi Coast wine regions

The Amalfi Coast in South Italy is one of the country’s top holiday destinations, attracting visitors with its stunning seascapes and relaxed atmosphere. As well as idyllic scenery and sublime food, there are also several excellent Amalfi Coast wine regions to enjoy on an Italy holiday. Here are some of our favourite regions and the grapes that they produce.


About Amalfi Coast Wine Regions

almalfi-coast.jpgThe Amalfi Coast is defined by its coastal landscape, with the towns built on the coastal rocks. During settlement in the area, labourers cut into the rock and hand-filled the ground with soil. And it is on these hand-crafted areas of mineral-rich soil that the Amalfi Coast wine regions now sit.

The Amalfi Coast wine regions are separated into three sub-areas: Furore, Ravello and Tramonti. The vineyards mostly sit on the Amalfi Coast hills between Positano and Vietri. All the Amalfi Coast wine regions produce Costa d'Amalfi, which is a DOC of the Campania wine region. The DOC was introduced in August 1995, and the Amalfi Coast wine regions produce red, white and rosé wines.


About the Costa d’Amalfi DOC

The Costa d’Amalfi DOC produced in the Amalfi Coast wine regions is known for its delicate balance between taste, perfume, tannin content and acidity. The critically acclaimed wines that the Amalfi Coast wine regions produce are a testament to the careful winemaking process that is unique to this area, which often relies on organic farming practices. In the following section, we discuss the important grapes and recommended wines for you to try on an Amalfi Coast wine tour.


The Amalfi DOC Vines

People_diverse-wine.jpgSeveral grape varieties thrive in the Amalfi Coast wine regions, with Fenile, Tronto, Ripolo, Pepella, Sciascinoso and Tintore being the most common.


The Fenile grapes are a white-gold colour, somewhat similar to hay. They are grown under wooden frames (pergolas), with around two or three plants per post that result in a modest production. You will find that local white wines in Furore, Positano and Amalfi are partly made with this grape. Note that the sugar content is rather high, and the resulting Costa d’Amalfi DOC is fruity and with a good acidity.

Recommended wine: Costa D’ Amalfi “Fiorduva” Furore Bianco 2012


The Tronto vines are typically found in the Amalfi Coast wine region of Furore, not far from Conca dei Marini. One of the top vineyards producing Tronto wines is Hermitage of San Martino and as a part of your Amalfi Coast wine tour we can arrange a visit to this vineyard.

Recommended wine: Costa d'Amalfi DOC Rosso Furore


The Ripolo grapes are a common variety in the Amalfi Coast wine regions. If you try a local wine in Positano and Furore you will no doubt sample the Ripolo grapes. The vineyards are mostly dotted on the slopes of Mons Lactarius; however, production has reduced in recent years as the vine is not very fertile.

Recommended wine: Costa D’ Amalfi “Fiorduva” Furore Bianco 2012


wine-tasting2.jpgThis less well-known vine is exclusive to the Amalfi Coast wine regions and its cultivation dates back to the late 19th century. It is typically grown in Tramonti, Ravello and Scala. It is used in Amalfi Coast red wines and has a low sugar content.

Recommended wine: Costa D’ Amalfi Bianco “Per Eva” 2008


The Sciascinoso vines are exclusive to Campania and can particularly be found in Avellino. You may also find it called Sanginosa, Strascinuso or Olivella. This is a robust vine with a good production, and so is popular in the Amalfi Coast wine regions. In addition, it has a low sugar content and a reasonable acidity, resulting in an intense colour and unique taste that is a must-try on your Amalfi Coast wine tour.

Recommended wine: DOC Sannio Sciascinoso, as well as the famous Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio


This grape variety is grown almost exclusively inland on the hills of Tramonti. This makes it a must-try if you are holidaying in Minori or Maiori, which sit on the coast near Tramonti.

Recommended wine: Costa d'Amalfi DOC Rosso


If you would like to sample some sublime Amalfi Coast DOC wines, then you may be interested in one of our tailor-made Amalfi Coast package deals. As a part of our customised service, we can arrange a guided tour of the Amalfi Coast wine regions, with wine tasting. To find out more about our Amalfi Coast wine tours, please call us on (UK) 01223 637331 or (US) 347-594-5500. Alternatively, please click here to send an online enquiry – we will get back to you within 24 hours with a personalised quote.

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