Carnevale di Maiori 2019 to Celebrate “Slow” Tourism

The Grand Carnival of Maiori 2019 (Carnevale di Maiori) will take place from February 23rd to March 10th and will celebrate the cultural and historical heritage of the Amalfi Coast.

The annual Carnevale di Maiori is a wonderful time to visit the Amalfi Coast to soak up the winter sun and enjoy the sublime coastal vistas during the low season.

Recently, the theme for the 2019 edition was announced and will be "civilisation and historical periods", a theme chosen to celebrate so-called "slow" tourism – the concept of spending more time discovering the heritage of your chosen holiday destination.

Although the official programme of events has yet to be released, the festival is sure to be a spectacular event that you can enjoy on your Amalfi Coast package holiday. If you would like to see the carnival as a part of a tailor-made Amalfi Coast holiday, contact a member of our dedicated travel team to find out more about our personalised trips to Italy: call us on 01223 637331 or click here to send an online enquiry.

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